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Ilpra is one of the leading companies worldwide in the packaging sector and it stands out for its extensive range of packaging machines

Technological solutions designed to meet the production needs of customers in different market sectors: food, non food and medical. In addition to the various lines of standard machines, designed to meet the manufacturing requirements for both small batches and high production, Ilpra provides tailored solutions for specific needs, such as our highly customizable bucket filling machines.
The company’s flexibility and customizable packaging solutions are possible thanks to its comprehensive range of packaging machines, including Filling/Dosing, Traysealing and Thermoforming lines.

The solutions and technologies available on the various models, developed thanks to the company’s long-standing experience and expertise in the sector, ensure top quality sealing, vacuum, modified atmosphere and skin packaging. Ilpra’s packaging machines are designed to be easily integrated into an existing production line (semi-automated or fully automated ones) or they can operate as stand-alone machines.




Studying, designing, developing and implementing solutions by integrating cutting edge technologies

Drawing on our experience acquired in more than 60 years of activity in the packaging sector, we help our customers to enhance and develop their own activities.

Ongoing investment in training, customer support and the consolidated experience of our technical and application engineering teams have led us to be recognised today as a leading player in the food, non-food and medical packaging market. Thanks to the skills we have acquired over the years and our employees’ passion, we are specialised in developing and managing every single packaging phase of your product, from its design through to the carefully monitored and tracked production of the packaging machine that is most suitable for your needs. Our broad expertise, acquired over the years, today allows us to offer the most cost-efficient and effective solution for a customer’s specific request, engendering competitive advantage for the latter and further enhancing our know-how, thus creating a virtuous circle that reflects the added value of our products.


All Ilpra packaging machines are entirely designed by our own Research & Development department and produced in our factories in Italy

We use cutting edge software for our calculations and 3D design. The entire production cycle, from manufacturing to assembly and final testing of our machinesis completely carried out inside of our factories, according to the activities that are planned and scheduled by the Operations Department, with the support of sophisticated ERP/MRP systems, thus ensuring real-time responses to specific situations.
 By implementing total control of the production process Ilpra is able to intervene directly and promptly on time schedules, costs and final product quality.

The decision to maintain and manage the entire design and manufacturing process within our headquarter in Mortara, Italy, is the best way to provide customers with timely, accurate answers to any kind of request. Ilpra firmly believes in this choice, which has allowed the company to compete successfully, both in Italy and worldwide.




In an era in which the packaging market requires increasingly customized products and solutions, we fulfil these requests, often by offering “tailor-made” products

A manufacturer’s ability to combine industrial manufacturing rationale and skills with flexibility and a supplier’s natural vocation for creating craft solutions is a winning formula. Therefore, Ilpra is able to provide extremely competitive standard machines because they are produced in large volumes, as well as machineries that are custom-made to customers’ specifications.

Thanks to this strategy, which has been pursued over the years, Ilpra boasts an extensive range of products in the packaging field that are suitable for fulfilling the needs of both craft laboratories and large companies. The solutions developed for the food, non-food and medical sectors over the years are the result of ongoing research and paying great attention to market changes, so as to adapt our offer to the different packaging requirements in the sectors and markets we follow. The tens of thousands of machines sold all over the world clearly confirm the success of Ilpra’s development strategy.


Ilpra is an international company with branches in the main foreign markets, where highly skilled Ilpra staff operate

This widespread presence facilitates customer relations and our ability to assist them in their work in real time.
Ilpra technicians and sales staff are present throughout the purchase decision-making process and continue to follow the customer also in the post-sale phase. Whether it involves advice on packaging, making test packages or optimising processes, customers can rely on our engineers’ expertise and experience.

The ongoing investments made by Ilpra to consolidate existing markets and expand its presence in emerging markets has allowed the company to create a system for offering rapid and timely services to customers. 
Our offer and guaranteed customer support throughout the world include a comprehensive range of services, from initial consultancy to searching for the optimal packaging solution, to guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the packaging machines, up to offering the most effective and timely post-sale technical assistance.