Speedy Buckets Data Sheet

Speedy Buckets

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The Speedy Buckets packaging machine is ideal for liquid, creamy, dense and granular products.
Built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, it is suitable for corrosive environments and is easy to service and clean.
It is ideal for medium-sized companies and seals buckets in a precise, reliable manner.

Machine details

Sealing station

Detail of Out-feed Belt

Stainless steel structure

Types of packaging achievable

The Speedy Buckets model enable to pack and seal the product in buckets through simple vacuum or  modified atmosphere (MAP).



Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm)2876 x 982 x 1744
Machine Weight (Kg)600
Installed Power (Kw)3,5 (N) - 5 (VG)
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle)6 - 30
Sealing Area (mm)380 x 270 x 240h
Max. Size Trays (mm)270 (1 x cycle)
180 (2 x cycle)
113 (3 x cycle)
80 (4 x cycle)

Main Standard Features

Stainless steel structure
Touch screen
Total accessibility
Electronic proportional film unwinder
Changing of mould drawer
Maximum integrability and customization
Mechanical sensor signalling tray presence

Main Options and Accessories

Centred printing system
I-PRINT Thermal transfer printer
Automatic dosing systems
Buckets denester
Automatic lid placing
Loading area extension

Speedy Buckets in operation

Machine dimensions

Speedy Buckets

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