Seal Box 280 Data Sheet


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The Seal Box 280 is an automatic filler capable to thermoseal non-stackable containers, such as jars or bottles.
It can thermoseal up to 4 containers per cycle.
The machine is electronically timed and thermoregulated; the movement of the sealing head is pneumatic; all functions can be easily adjusted from the control panel.
Entirely built in stainless steel; cleaning and maintenance operations are extremely quick and easy to perform.

Machine Details

Total accessibility

Detail of conveyor belt

Detail of dosing unit

Types of packaging achievable

SealBox 280 enable to pack and seal the product in non-stackable containers.


Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm)2564 x 1925 x 2564
Machine Weight (Kg)550
Installed Power (Kw)3
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle)6 - ca. 80
Sealing Area (mm)230 x 220
Max. Size Trays (mm)230 (1 x cycle)
100 (2 x cycle)
Max. Diam. Reels (mm)200

Main Standard Features

Stainless steel structure
Touch screen
Mechanical operation
Maximum integrability and customization

Main Options and Accessories

Automatic lid placing
Laminar flow hood
Automatic dosing systems
Equipped for CIP
Automatic setting of sealing height
Coding/printing systems
Centred printing system

Seal Box 280 in operation

Machine dimensions

Seal Box 280

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