Thermoformers Formpack


Ilpra Thermoforming machines create and form product packages using packaging film onto which a sealing film is sealed.
This line of models can also perform vacuum, modified atmosphere and skin packaging.
The machines are ideal for all food and non-food products. Our Thermoforming machines are particularly suitable for the packaging of medical products like instruments, devices or injectable products.
Ilpra thermoformers are suited to different types of production, ranging from craft to industrial facilities and offer both rigid and flexible packaging, according to the pre-formed material that is used.

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The new Thermoforming Easyform machine has been put through innovative design and renewed technical features: thermoforming and sealing moulds have also been re-engineered. The loading area is wider than the previous Easyform model and ideally suited for higher output production runs.

This thermoformed skin pack machine is the ideal solution for food and medical packaging products and has been designed to be even more user-friendly. Same as all of our ILPRA packaging machines, a wide range of options makes the Easyform suitable for lots of different working requirements. The Easyform is able to work in seal only and VG for vacuum packaging and vacuum/gas packaging.


The Formpack F0 packaging machine, designed and developed for medium-sized companies is able to perform various types of packaging: sealing only, vacuum, modified atmosphere (MAP) and skin packaging.

It allows for a thermoformed skin pack operation that features precise, fast motions thanks to the use of brushless motors.
Formpack F0 is particularly suited for companies which wish to cut costs, without sacrificing quality performance.


Formapack F1 is a reliable, easy-to-use packaging machine.
It is designed for the packaging of food, non-food and medical products in medium-sized companies.

The fully automated packaging machine guarantees a fast operating speed and reliable packages, both in rigid and flexible film.


The highly flexible Formpack F3 packaging machine allows easy and effortless changing of package formats, thus speeding up thermoformed skin pack production.

It is suitable for medium/high production companies and ensures quality packaging and a high degree of customization as numerous optional devices may be added to it.


Formpack F4 machines are designed to cope with both medium and very high productions.

The model can be inserted in an existing production line and guarantees reliable and fully automated operations.
This thermoformer is able to package food, non-food and medical products in both rigid and flexible film.


The Formpack F5 packaging machine can work different lengths, thus it can adapt to companies’ thermoformed skin pack requirements.
This hi-tech model guarantees quality, reliability and can work with various materials.

Thanks to several optional devices available Formpack F5 can be customized, for instance by adding a product-centred printing system, package cutting according to product shape, in-line printing and labelling etc.
It is well-suited for high production volumes.


The Formpack F660 packaging machine is suitable for flexible packages and products that require a very wide sealing area, up to 660 mm.

It is a very flexible, compact, highly customizable model despite its high sealing area capacity.
Like all Ilpra thermoforming machine models, it performs both vacuum and modified atmosphere (MAP) packaging.