Formpack F1 Data Sheet


Get a thermoformed skin pack machine today

Formpack F1 is an in-line thermoforming machine that is able to thermoform both flexible and rigid material. It is available for sealing, vacuum, modified atmosphere or skin packaging.
The thermoforming film width is 460 mm and is customizable on request, while the loading area length is up to 1,800 mm. It is excellent for producing various different products at the same time as the mould format change operations are very quick and easy to perform.
F1 can be equipped with different accessories, such as a centred printing system, coding, dosing, and the possibility of making the “euro hole” and also other types of holes.

Machine details

Touch screen panel

Sealing station detail

Automatic film unwinder

Types of packaging achievable

Formpack F1 allows the packaging and sealing of products in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Skin operations.





Main technical data

Chassis lenght (mm)customisable from 4500 to 7500
Maximum trays height (mm)100 (140 optional)
Maximum film web Forming (mm)460
Maximum diameter of reels - Forming / Sealing (mm)500 / 300
Maximum pitch (mm)600
Types of Forming film that can be usedFlexible/Rigid - max. 800 µm

Main standard features

Stainless steel structure
Mould lifting with E-mec knee lever
Motor driven film unwinder
Swivel mounted touch screen panel
Customizable film web/pitch
Maximum integrability and customization
Automatic lubrication/cleaning of production line
Washing programme

Main customized optionals

Centred printing system
Coding/printing systems
Pre-heating forming punch
Rigid film version
Skin/Overskin version
Additional cutting stations
Shaped cutting
Modules for extending the machine frame
Working height up to 130 mm

Formpack F1 in operation

Machine dimensions

Formpack F1

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