Formpack Easyform Data Sheet


Get a thermoformed skin pack machine today

ILPRA Formpack Easyform has a new Facelift.

Thanks to our R&D in ILPRA and plenty of experience in the field we welcome the new Thermoforming Easyform machine. This model has been put through innovative design and renewed technical features: thermoforming and sealing moulds have also been re-engineered. The loading area is wider than the previous Easyform model and ideally suited for higher output production runs.

This is the ideal solution for food and medical packaging products and has been designed to be even more user-friendly.

Same as all of our ILPRA packaging machines, a wide range of options makes the Easyform suitable for lots of different working requirements. The Easyform is able to work in seal only and VG for vacuum packaging and vacuum/gas packaging.

The new Easyform is the best quality and price you can find for this type of packaging solution. It comes from the result of more than 60 years long-standing and expertise in the sector in order to value the and ensure top quality sealing client’s packaging.

Machine details

Mould knee lifting system

Mould knee lifting system

Quick changeover

Advanced software system

Types of packaging achievable

Formpack Easyform allows the packaging and sealing of products in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).




Main technical data

Forming film width (mm)320 / 360 / 420
Max step (mm)300
Max trays depht (mm)100
Types of forming film that can be usedflexible

Main standard features

Stainless steel structure
Mould lifting with dog legs
Film unwinder with brake / clutch system
Touch screen panel
Bottom web film width 320, 360, 420 mm
Index 200, 230, 250, 260, 300 mm
Centralized lubrication of production line
Washing programme
Maximum integrability and customization

Main customized optionals

Centred printing system
Coding/printing systems
Motorized ejection conveyor

Formpack Easyform in operation

Machine dimensions


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