Form Fill Seal Md Compact Data Sheet



Thanks to a constant development and our consolidated experience, the new model of form fill seal compact has been refined in both the design and the components. Its flexibility has been increased thanks to the reduced overall size that has made possible operating in the smallest environments. The machine is a great solution to pack by mean of thermoforming.

Like all our models, the new form fill seal compact can be customized with many accessories and optional. The start and operating of the machine is user friendly and straight forward. This model can work in both seal only and modified atmosphere. Although the technical aspects are like the ones of the standard ffs the only difference is in the step and depth of the containers.

The result of our work is a machine able to offer to our clients the maximum efficiency in terms of production, extremely high precision, costs reduction and ergonomic and functional design to facilitate service operations and cleaning.

Machine details

Cutting Station


Forming reel

Types of packaging achievable

The model form fill seal allows to thermo form containers, fill them with the product and then store it by mean of; sealing and modified atmosphere



Principali dati tecnici

Capacità produttiva25 cycles/min max
Film web Forming (mm)460 mm. max
Maximum pitch (mm)130 mm.
Maximum trays height (mm)50 mm.

Main standard features

High production
Compact design
Stainless steel structure
Moulds lifting with brushless system
Die cutting brushless lifting system
Touch screen panel 12” (compact model) 15” (standard model)
Brushless dosing device
Maximum integrability and customization
Hygienic design

Main customized optionals

Coding and printing system
Ultra clean version
Laminar flow hood
UV-C lamps
Multipack cut system
Automatic tray-depth adjustment
End-of-Line pick & place

Form Fill Seal in operation

Machine dimensions

Form Fill Seal MD Compact

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