Foodpack Speedy Emec Data Sheet


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Speedy Emec has a 500 x 270 mm sealing area; its motions are fully electro-mechanical, with driving gears and brushless motors that increase productivity, reduce consumption and limit noise emissions. The touch screen monitor and easy access make it simple to use and manage.

Machine details

Encoder for checking film position

Touch screen panel

Reel roller with spander

Types of packaging achievable

FoodPack Speedy Emec allows the packaging and sealing of products in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Skin operations.





Main technical data

Machine dimensions (mm)3230 x 1100 x 1590h
Machine weight (Kg)ca. 750 (N) - 800 (VG)
Installed power (Kw)8 (N) - 10,5 (VG)
Air consumption (bar - lt/ciclo)6 - ca. 2
Maximum size of trays (mm) (N / VG)500 x 270 x 135
Sealing area (mm)500 x 270 (1 x cycle)
240 x 270 (2 x cycle)
150 x 270 (3 x cycle)
110 x 270 (4 x cycle)
Length of Loading Area4 steps
Maximum diameter of reels (mm)250

Main standard features

Stainless steel structure
Electrical operation with brushless motor
Touch screen
Complete access to machine parts
Electronic proportional film unwinder
Changing of mould drawer
Maximum integrability and customization

Main customized optionals

Centred printing system
I-PRINT Thermal transfer printer
Automatic dosing systems
Tray denester
Tray aligner
Weel kit
Skin - Overskin - Extraskin version
Loading area extension

FoodPack Speedy Emec in operation

Machine dimensions

FoodPack Speedy Emec

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