Foodpack Basic Emec Data Sheet


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Electrically operated table-top packaging machine for small companies that want to maximise their production, while maintaining low consumption.
It has a maximum sealing area of 330 x 265 mm and quick, easy mould changing.
The compact machine offers reliable performance and, thanks to the possibility of a centred printing system, ensures a high level of customization.

Machine details

Detail of a tray carrier

Motorized film unwinder

Touch screen panel

Types of packaging achievable

FoodPack Basic Emec allows the packaging and sealing of products in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Skin operations.





Main technical data

Machine dimensions (mm) - (N / VG)1034 x 865 x 745
Machine weight (Kg)ca. 110 (N) - 130 (VG)
Installed power (Kw)3,5 (N) - 6 (VG)
Maximum trays dimensions (mm) (N / VG)330 x 265 x 135
Sealing area (mm) - (N / VG)330 x 265 (1 x cycle)
160 x 265 (2 x cycle)

Main standard features

Stainless steel structure
Motor driven film unwinder
Completely electrically operated
Quick mould change system

Main customized optionals

Centred printing system
Stainless steel base on wheels
Skin version

FoodPack Basic Emec in operation

Machine dimensions

FoodPack Basic Emec

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