Foodpack 400 Data Sheet


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FoodPack 400 is a compact traysealer which is ideal for small and medium-sized companies.
The model, which can also perform skin packaging, is able to thermoseal about 400 cycles/hour. The sealing area is 400×290 mm and it is possible to use moulds of up to 2 cavities, thus doubling productivity.

Machine details

Motorized film unwinder

Touch screen panel

Detail of a tray carrier

Types of packaging achievable

FoodPack 400 allows the packaging and sealing of products in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Skin operations.





Principali dati tecnici

Machine dimensions (mm) - (N / VG)1068 x 1017 x 1417
Machine weight (Kg)180 (N) - 300(VG)
Installed power (Kw)2 (N) - 3,5 (VG)
Air consumption (bar - lt/ciclo) - (N / VG)6 - ca. 6
Maximum trays dimensions (mm) - (N / VG)395 x 285 x 135
Sealing area (mm) - (N / VG)395x 285 (1 x cycle)
187 x 285 (2 x cycle)
118 x 285 (3 x cycle)
83 x 285 (4 x cycle)

Main standard features

Stainless steel structure
Integrated base
High sealing capacity
Motor driven film unwinder
Quick mould change system
Large sealing area

Main customized optionals

Centred printing system
Skin Version
Plus Version

FoodPack 400 in operation

Machine dimensions

FoodPack 400

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