Fill Seal In Line Data Sheet


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The In-Line Fill Seal series is a range of in-line fillers/sealers designed to fulfil high production requirements and it is able to work up to 10,000 pieces per hour.
The extremely versatile volumetric dosing system allows companies to work a wide range of liquid or paste-like products (yoghurt, cheese, margarine, jams, sauces, etc.), which also contain small solid parts.
On request, a large range of accessories are available to best fulfil the requests of individual customers.


Optional – Printing system

Tray denester

Sealing station

Types of packaging achievable

Fill Seal in Line machines allows the packaging and sealing of products in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) operations.



Main technical data

Machine Weight (Kg)ca. 2200
Installed Power (Kw)18
Air Consumprtion (bar - lt/ciclo)6 - ca. 1,5
Maximum trays size (mm)95 (5 x ciclo)
Max. trays height (mm)130

Main standard features

Hygienic design
Electrical operation with brushless motor
Remote support
Maximum integrability and customization
Electronic interpolation of motion

Main customized optionals

Automatic lid placing
Laminar flow hood
Film Version
Material sanitisation system
Additional dosing device
Equipped for CIP
Coding/printing systems
High capacity tray storage
Centred printing system (film version)
Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) version

Fill Seal 5L in operation

Machine dimensions

Fill Seal

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