Buckets Line Data Sheet

Buckets Line

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The Buckets line was designed for filling, thermosealing and closing the buckets of medium-large size by film coming from a reel. The main movements are electrically driven by servo motors.

The desired buckets working height can be set by integrated program and can be changed automatically. The line is fully customizable with a wide range of accessories such as cleaning and sanitation of materials, gas flushing or slight vacuum, weight checking, sealing checking systems.

Machine details

Sealing station

Detail of dosing unit

Photoelectric cell for bucket presence

Types of packaging achievable

The Buckets Line model enable to pack and seal the product in buckets through simple vacuum or  modified atmosphere (MAP).



Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm)7500 x 1400 x 2200 ( no flow hood)
Machine Weight (Kg)ca. 3800
Installed Power (Kw)11
Air Consumption (bar - lt/cycle)6 - ca. 6
Max. Size Trays (mm)dim. 330 mm - h 320

Main Standard Features

Stainless steel structure
Doors opening by micro interlock switches
Protection degree IP 65
Touch screen 12"
Brushless motors and drives
Automatic setting of work heights
Maximum integrability and customization

Main Options and Accessories

Packaging by gas flushing or slight vacuum
Centred printing system
Double lane operation
Automatic lid placing
Material sanitisation system
Laminar flow hood
Weight control
Sealing control
Automatic rejection of faulty containers

Buckets Line in operation

Machine dimensions

Buckets Line

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