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Maximum protection and flexibility against mechanical and environment related stress


Certified technology and systems guaranteeing product safety and traceability

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Small and large productions, craft and industrial packaging

Our experience, market presence and specific skills in the packaging sector, acquired in over 60 years of activity, are the best quality guarantee of the solutions and products we offer our customers.

Our packaging machines are designed, manufactured and tested entirely in our factory in Mortara Italy. Our decision not to transfer any activities abroad, while striving to constantly check the entire manufacturing process and paying utmost attention to customer and market requests, has allowed us to become an undisputed market leader in Italy and worldwide.

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Fillers | Traysealers | Thermoformers


An extensive range of models designed to dose liquid and paste-like products in pre-formed containers of various sizes, for subsequent sealing and closure using pre-cut lids or film welding.

Ilpra Fill Seal machines, which are suitable for packaging products such as yoghurt, dressings, soups, dippings and similar, fulfil all manufacturing requirements, from small-scale to industrial production on fully automated lines.

Our rotary pot filler packaging machines can be customized to suit the customers’ manufacturing requirements, and equipped with the Progas® Ilpra or MAP packaging systems, to extend product shelf-life.


Foodpack thermosealing machines are Ilpra’s flagship product. They are available in a variety of configurations and the various models are suitable for both craft and large-scale industrial manufacture. In addition to the food sector, Foodpack tray sealer machines are also used in other sectors such as medical, cosmetics,  components and more.

The types of packaging processes available vary from sealing only to vacuum, modified atmosphere or skin packaging, in which the protective film adheres to the product like a second skin.

Ilpra foodpack tray sealer machine


The innovatively designed Formpack packaging machines, suitable for packaging in medium and high production volumes, can thermoform flexible and rigid materials, including foamed films.

All of the models in this series use Ilpra’s Emec® Technology and, besides performing cutting and thermoforming operations, they also allow sealing only, as well as vacuum and modified atmosphere or skin packaging. A Formpack thermoforming machine can be customized to suit customers’ production requirements and can be used in the food , industrial, medical sectors and other.


The Form Fill Seal ILPRA machine are designed to thermoform, fill and seal different products such as fruit juices, marmalade, water/juice packing in cups/trays, jellies, desserts, sauces, butter, margarine, spread cheese, spread products, dressing, oil for seasoning.

This line is the result of ongoing research together with modern projecting plans and marketing research. Following the same construction value as all the other ILPRA lines, the Form Fill Seal machines can be integrated to End-of-line systems.



We are proud to announce the new headquarters for ILPRA RUSSIA


After years of experience within the Russian market and improved sales network, ILPRA has reached a new milestone and proudly introduces the new ILPRA RUSSIA branch location.

The strategic location of the new base and the development of qualified technical and commercial staff in the area, allows greater proximity and efficiency required by our client’s needs and demands.

These new tactics will be added to the network of contacts matured by the General Manager of the new branch, Christian Traino.


Prospekt Mira, 119, Bldg. 619,

129223 – Moscow – RUSSIA

Tel: +7 910 4572848 (ENG)
Tel: +7 910 4572794  (RUS)

Mail: russia@ilpra.com

Web: www.ilpra.com/ru